Monday, June 23, 2008

'Clueless' Democrats in Montco

Veteran Montgomery County political reporter Margaret Gibbons calls the Montgomery County Democratic Party "clueless" in her most recent column.

Gibbons writes:
How else can you account for the fact that a controversial fundraising letter was sent to well-known Republican activist Brian Miles?

Miles, chairman of the Whitpain Township GOP Committee, just last year was involved in a Web site domain battle with the Democrats' two commissioner candidates. How could Miles' name pop up on a list of possible campaign donors to the county Democrats?

If the Dems are going to be big-time players, they are going to have to pay attention to details.
Gibbons also questions whether the Democrats have brought "pay-to-play" politics to the county courthouse.

Read the full column at The Mercury's Web site.

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Anonymous said...

Can't trust that Joe Hoeffel. I still can't believe that Jim Matthews gave this guy the keys to the Montgomery County Courthouse. They'll be nothing left after four years of Democratic rule.