Friday, December 28, 2007

Jim Matthews named one of the 'Biggest Losers of 2007', one of the most popular political sites in Pennsylvania, has an interesting post today naming Jim Matthews, turncoat Montgomery County commissioner, one of the "Biggest Losers of 2007."

Matthews is the registered Republican who won re-election to a new four-year term on the three-member Montgomery County Board of Commissioners by riding the coattails of Republican Bruce Castor. Matthews announced last week that he is forming an alliance with liberal Democrat Joe Hoeffel, the third member of the commissioners' board, to share power.

Read more about Matthews' betrayal of Republican voters in this earlier posting or at The Mercury's Web site.

Here's why Chris Freind named Matthews a loser:

"This Montgomery County Commissioner was elected last month as a Republican, along with top vote-getter Bruce Castor, then stabbed Castor in the back by announcing his alliance with, and allegiance to, Democrat Joe Hoeffel. This isn't about partisan politics, and it's not even about issues. It's about loyalty and honor, and voters abandon people who lack these qualities. Matthews is finished, and Castor will rise again. I threw out an open-ended question last week: Who would want to share a fox-hole with Matthews? Interestingly, no one responded. People who have character and loyalty know better—and ironically, so do fellow traitors. Matthews has pleased none and alienated all. Can't wait for his next trick."

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