Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Still undecided about your state legislator? Take this test...

If there's anyone out there who is still considering re-electing their incumbent Pennsylvania legislator on May 16, I have a request.

Consider turning in your voter registration card. You obviously are not rational enough to cast a vote.

Unless you are related to a Pennsylvania Legislator or have some direct financial gain by keeping the person in office, you must join the people's revolution to retake control of this state from 253 self-serving politicians.

I know some of you are trying to rationalize your decision to stick with the poison you know. Maybe the newcomer will be worse, you say. That kind of reasoning proves you've been in a coma for the past year.

I have a test for you to take. Below, I've listed 10 reasons why I will never vote for my state legislator. Substitute the name of your local representative or senator for my local political hack — Dante Santoni Jr.

If you find that your local legislator did even half of the 10 infractions below, vote for somebody else or do this state a favor and stay away from the polls on May 16.

10 Reasons I Can Never Vote for Dante Santoni Jr.

1) Rep. Dante Santoni twice voted to give himself an unconstitutional pay raise, most recently to $89,155 from $69,647 for a job that requires him to be in Harrisburg 77 days a year.

2) Rep. Santoni took the pay raise early in violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

3) Rep. Santoni defended the July 2005 pay raise for months until he and his fellow career politicians were shamed into repealing the pay raise and giving back the money after the news media alerted taxpayers to what happened.

4) Rep. Santoni voted against the Commonwealth Caucus plan that would have eliminated property taxes for homeowners.

5) Rep. Santoni voted to double his own pension, allowing him to collect money from taxpayers for the rest of his life.

6) Rep. Santoni voted in favor of Ed Rendell's massive $1 billion income tax increase in 2003.

7) Rep. Santoni voted for the crushing $400 million increase on the gasoline tax.

8) Rep. Santoni has sponsored zero (0) bills during his 14 years as a lawmaker.

9) Rep. Santoni has never chaired a committee during his 14 years as a lawmaker.

10) Rep. Santoni earned a dismal F+ grade in The Commonwealth Foundation Liberty Index for 2005-06. Santoni earned an F+ in the 2003-04 report card grading economic policies.


Political Junkie said...

Very good list. Santoni is also my rep. Another reason I want to add to why we should vote him out is the fact that anybody that looks like Ace Ventura with that hair of his just makes him look like he acts. A complete bozo.

Problem in Berks County that I stated before on my site is the Reading Eagle will not expose his record like you did here.

Again you have a great site.

caseyhasabat said...
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